24th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament
Sat Apr 18, 2020
Asbury United Methodist Church
New Castle, DE
Bell Time 7PM

The Tournament


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The East Coast Wrestling
Association’s (ECWA) annual Super 8 Tournament is the oldest and most recognized pro wrestling tournament in the United States
. The inaugural tournament took place in 1997 and gave many of today’s stars their first big break on the East Coast including Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson, American Dragon), Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries, the Hardy Boyz and many more. Each year, Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) magazine has recognized and covered the tournament in depth. Many of today’s top independent stars in the United States and abroad grew up reading about the Super 8 in PWI magazine and were inspired by the prospect of one day competing in the Super 8 and fulfilling their dreams of being a professional wrestler! The tournament also inspired pro hopefuls who otherwise might have been considered too small to be a pro as the tournament has highlighted the junior heavyweight style.

ECWA Super 8
2016: Napalm Bomb
2015: Jason Kincaid
2014: “M-Dogg” Matt Cross
2013: Damian Dragon
2012: “Greek God” Papadon
2011: Tommaso Ciampa
2010: Xavier Woods
2009: Nick Logan
2008: Aden Chambers
2007: Jerry Lynn
2006: Davey Richards
2005: Petey Williams
2004: Christopher Daniels
2003: Paul London
2002: Donovan Morgan
2001: Low Ki
2000: Christopher Daniels
1999: Steve Bradley
1998: Lance Diamond
1997: Ace Darling


1997– Ace Darling

1998– Lance “Simon” Diamond

1999– Steve Bradley

2000- “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

2001– Low Ki aka Kaval

2002– Donovan Morgan

2003– Paul London

2004- “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

2005– Petey Williams

2006– Davey Richards

2007– Jerry Lynn

2008– Aden Chambers

2009– Nick Logan

2010– Austin “Consequences” Creed

2011- Tommaso Ciampa

2012- “Greek God” Papadon

2013- Damian Dragon

2014 – Matt Cross

2015 – Jason Kincaid

2016 – Napalm Bomb

2017 – Sean Carr

2018 – Richard Holliday

2019 – Lance Anoai

2020 –

Feb. 22, 1997 (Wilmington, Delaware)

-Billy Kidman def. Reckless Youth

-Ace Darling def. Inferno Kid

-Lance Diamond def. Ravishing Ronny

-Cheetah Master def. Devon Storm

-Cheetah Master def. Billy Kidman

-Ace Darling def. Lance Diamond

-Ace Darling def. Cheetah Master to win the tournament!

Mar. 21, 1998 (Wilmington, Delaware)

-Ace Darling def. Mike Quackenbush

-Inferno Kid def. Devon Storm

-Lance Diamond def. Mark Schrader

-Scott Taylor def. Reckless Youth

-Inferno Kid def. Ace Darling

-Lance Diamond def. Scott Taylor

-Lance Diamond def. Inferno kid to win the tournament!

Feb. 27, 1999 (Wilmington, Delaware)

-Steve Bradley def. Ace Darling

-Christopher Daniels def. Jeff Peterson

-Matt Hardy def. Christian York

-Devon Storn def. Jeff Hardy

-Steve Bradley def. Devon Storm

-Christopher Daniels def. Matt Hardy

-Steve Bradley def. Christopher Daniles to win the tournament!

Feb. 26, 2000 (Wilmington, Delaware)

-Scoot Andrews def. trent Acid

-Chad Collyer def. Shark Boy

-Jet Jaguar def. Jeff Peterson

-Christopher Daniels def. Vic Capri

-Scoot Andrews def. Chad Collyer

-Christopher Daniels def. Ace Darling (replacing injured Jet Jaguar)

-Christopher Daniels def. Scoot Andrews to win the tournament!

Feb. 24, 2001 (Wilmington, Delaware)

-Low Ki def. Billy Fives

-Jayson Reign def. Tony Kozina

-”American Dragon” Bryan Danielson aka Daniel Bryan def. Spanky aka Brian Kendrick

-Reckless Youth def. Mike Sullivan

-Low Ki def. Jayson Reign

-American Dragon def. Reckless Youth

-Low Ki def. American Dragon to win the tournament!

Mar. 2, 2002 (Wilmington, Delaware)

-Amazing Red def. Bobby Roode

-Donovan Morgan def. Pepper Parks

-Jamie Noble def. Matt Stryker

-AJ Styles def. Xavier

-Donovan Morgan def. Amazing Red

-AJ Styles def. Jamie Noble

-Donovan Morgan def. AJ Styles to win the tournament!

Apr. 5, 2003 (Wilmington, Delaware)

-Frankie Kazarian def. Chris Sabin

-Spanky aka Brian Kendrick def. Chris Cage

-Chance Beckett def. Sedrick Strong

-Paul London def. Alex Arion

-Paul London def. Frank Kazarian

-Chance Beckett def. Spanky

-Paul London def. Chance Beckett to win the tournament!

Apr. 3, 2004 (Wilmington, Delaware)

– Austin Aries def. Shawn Daivari

– Mike Kruel def. Ricky Reyes

– Christopher Daniels def. Rocky Romero

– John Walters def. Nicho aka Psicosis

– Christopher Daniels def. Mike Kruel

– Austin Aries def. John Walters

– Christopher Daniels def. Austin Aries to win the tournament!

Apr. 9, 2005 (Newark, Delaware)

– Puma def. Eric Matlock

– JJ Perez def. Tyson Dux

– Alex Shelly def. Andrew Ryker

– Petey Williams def. Rory Fox

– Puma def. JJ Perez

– Petey Williams def. Alex Shelly

– Petey Williams def. Puma to win the tournament!

Apr. 8, 2006 (Newark, Delaware)

– Davey Richards def. Scott Lost

– Josh Daniels def. Andre Lyonz

– Charlie Haas def. Xavier

– Milano Collection AT def. Bryan Logan

– Charlie Haas def. Josh Daniels

– Davey Richards def. Milano Collection AT

– Davey Richards def. Charlie Haas to win the tournament!

Nov 10, 2007 (Newark, Delaware)

– Rob Eckos def. Billy Bax

– Matt Logan def. Rob Conway

– Jerry Lynn def. Brian Fury

– Sonjay Dutt def. Human Tornado

– Sonjay Dutt def. Rob Eckos

– Jerry Lynn def. Matt Logan

– Jerry Lynn def. Sonjay Dutt to win the tournament!

Oct 25,  2008 (Newark, Delaware)

– Chase Del Monte def. Scott Reed

– Maverick def. Loca Vida

– Aden Chambers def. Frankie Arion

– Alex Koslov def. Shannon Moore

– Aden Chambers def. Maverick

– Alex Koslov def. Chase Del Monte

– Aden Chambers def. Alex Koslov to win the tournament!

Oct 10,  2009 (Newark, Delaware)

– Quiet Storm def. Mikaze

– Dan Eckos def. Metal Master

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Mike Tobin

– Nick Logan def. Prince Nana

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Dan Eckos

– Nick Logan def. Quiet Storm

– Nick Logan def. Tommaso Ciampa to win the tournament!

July 10,  2010 (Newark, Delaware)

– U-Gene aka Nick Dinsmore def. Scott Wright

– Chris Wylde def. Alex Reynolds

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Chase Del Monte*

– Austin Creed def. Brian Milonas

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Chris Wylde

– Austin Creed def. U-Gene aka Nick Dinsmore

– Austin Creed def. Tommaso Ciampa to win the tournament!

* Del Monte replaced Barry Ryte

Apr. 30th, 2011 (Voorhees, NJ)

– Adam Cole def. Sami Callihan

– Austin Aries def. Bobby Shields

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Rich Swann

– Shiima Xion def. SHOCKWAVE the Robot

– Adam Cole def. Austin Aries

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Shiima Xion

– Tommaso Ciampa def. Adam Cole to win the tournament!

Apr. 7th, 2012 (Newark, Delaware)

– Bandido Jr. def. Azrieal

– “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron def. Kyle Matthews

– Bobby Fish def. Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian

– “Greek God” Papadon def. Tony Nese

– Bandido Jr. def. “Handicapped Hero” Gregory

– “Greek God” Papadon def. Bobby Fish

– “Greek God” Papadon def. Bandido Jr. to win the tournament!

Apr. 13th, 2013 (Newark, Delaware)

– Mike Mondo def. VsK
– Damian Dragon def. Chris Wylde
– Antonio Thomas def. Rhett Titus
– “Greek God” Papadon def. Vordell Walker
– Damian Dragon def. Mike Mondo
– “Greek God” Papadon def. Antonio Thomas
– Damian Dragon def. “Greek God” Papadon to win the tournament!

CLASS of 2000

CLASS of 2001

Top (left to right) Bryan Danielson (American Dragon, Daniel Bryan), Brian Kendrick (Spanky), Jayson Reign, Billy Fives. Middle (left to right) Mike Sullivan, Reckless Youth. Bottom (left to right) Tony Kozina, Low Ki (Kaval) (champion)

CLASS of 2002

Top, left to right, Donovan Morgan (winner), Pepper Parks, Bobby Rude, Xavier. Bottom, left to right, Matt Stryker, AJ Styles, Jamie Noble, Amazing Red.

CLASS of 2004

Top (left to right) Mike Kruel, John Walters, Austin Aries, Psicosis, Shawn Daivari, Christopher Daniels (winner). Bottom (left to right) Ricky Reyes, Rocky Romero.

CLASS of 2006

Top, left to right: Bryan Logan, Xavier, Milano Collection A.T., Charlie Haas. Bottom, left to right: Davey Richards (winner), Josh Daniels, Andrew Lyonz, Scott Lost

CLASS of 2007

Top (left to right) Brian Fury, Human Tornado, Rob Conway, Jerry Lynn (Champion). Bottom (left to right) Billy Bax, Rob Eckos, Matt Logan, Sonjay Dutt

CLASS of 2008

Standing, left to right- Shannon Moore, Tony Nese, Chase Del Monte, Aden Chambers (winner), Loca Vida, Alex Koslov. Kneeling, left to right- Scott Reed, Frankie Arion.

CLASS of 2010

Top (left to right) U-Gene (Nick Dinsmore), Chase Del Monte, Brian Milonas, Alex Reynolds, Scott Wright, Austin “Consequences” Creed (Xavier Woods) (Champion). Bottom (left to right) Chris Wylde, Tommaso Ciampa.

CLASS of 2011

Left to right- Adam Cole, Tommaso Ciampa (champion), Austin Aries, Sunny (hostess), Sami Callihan, Shockwave the Robot, Rich Swann, Bobby SHields and Shiima Xion.
Left to right- Bobby Shields (kneel), Tommaso Ciampa (Champion, stand), Rich Swann (kneel), Sami Callihan (Stand), Austin Aries (kneel), Shiima Xion (stand), Shockwave the Robot (kneel) and Adam Cole (stand)
Left to right- Bobby Shields (kneel), Tommaso Ciampa (Champion, stand), Rich Swann (kneel), Sami Callihan (Stand), Austin Aries (kneel), Shiima Xion (stand), Shockwave the Robot (kneel) and Adam Cole (stand)

CLASS of 2012

(Standing, left to right) Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian, Bobby Fish, Kyle Matthews, Tony Nese, “Greek God” Papadon. (Kneeling, left to right) Bandido Jr., Gregory Iron, Azrieal.

CLASS of 2013

(Top, left to right) Mike Mondo, Chris Wylde, Antonio Thomas, Vordell Walker, Rhett Titus, VsK (Bottom, left to right) Damian Dragon, “Greek God” Papadon

SNAPMARE.COM Coverage of 2011 SUPER 8:

Two CHAMPIONS … Two WINNERS!!! Tommaso Ciampa (15th ECWA Super 8 Champion, 2011) and Ace Darling (1st ECWA Super 8 Champion, 1997)!
“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels is the only man to win the Super 8 twice, first in 2000 and then in 2004 (pictured here). Daniels is also the only man to ever win the ECWA Heavyweight Championship during the Super 8, when he defeated Mike Kruel in the semi-final round.

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