*History (Women’s)

It’s not too late to order the first-annual ECWA Super 8 ChickFight! Copies are available here as well as by visiting the Woodbury Heights Community Center!

Kiera Hogan defeated Maria Manic

Britt Baker defeated Faye Jackson (replacing Rachael Ellering)

Karen Q defeated Aja Perera

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Tasha Steelz

Team PCA retained the tag title over Extreme Rednecks and The Classics

Karen Q defeated Britt Baker

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kiera Hogan

Azrieal retained the Mid-Atlantic title, defeating Chuck Payne (substituting for Sean Carr)

Deonna Purrazzo defeated Karen Q to win the 2016 ECWA Super 8 Chickfight Tournament!









ECWA proudly presented the second-annual Super 8 ChickFight Tournament on Saturday October 17, 2015. It was a night of new champions, debuts, and a fantastic display of professional wrestling by all involved. Here’s a brief recap & results review for those that may have missed the event:

Super 8 Quarter Finals

Brittany Blake defeated Terra Calaway via small package: The much stronger and bigger Calaway dominated this match from beginning to end. Even with an impressive display of power, Blake’s resourcefulness proved true as she rolled up Calaway for the pinfall out of nowhere.

 Deonna Purrazzo defeated Miranda Vionette via submission- What started as a game of the two opponents one upping each other turned into an impressive display of chain and mat wrestling. Vionette, a relative rookie, made too many mistakes. Purrazzo capitalized and scored a victory using the Fujiwara armbar.

Kennadi Brink defeated Savannah Evans via pinfall- Evans was a last minute replacement but certainly didn’t wrestle like one. Her size and strength put Brink on notice early on. But with Brink’s new look came new moves as she put on an impressive display of speed attacks for someone more known for her power. In the end, Brink’s experience was too much and she scored a victory.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Daysia Gilbert via slingshot suplex- Gilbert was also a last minute replacement but impressed going toe for toe with last year‘s champ. However, Tessa’s vastly grown in the last year and with growth comes strength as the girl with a famous last name would not be denied a victory with her trademark sling shot suplex.

Additional Action 

PCA (Ricky Martinez & Damian Adams) w/ AJ Pan defeated the Extreme Rednecks (Chuck & Kyle Payne) w/ The Don to become the NEW ECWA Tag Team Champions- The Rednecks came in on a huge roll as of late. But the PCA is not known for playing fair… Chuck and Kyle took turns mostly dominating the challengers and keeping AJ Pan out of the equation. But in the end, a distraction caused by Meisure Ooh La La’s assault of the Don and the Rednecks inability to communicate proved too much as Ricky Martinez downed Chuck for a 1..2..3.

Bobby Shields retains the ECWA Mid Atlantic Championship via DQ- Shields came to the ring and issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. Enter Ricky Martinez. A great back and forth match ensued. Martinez would seemingly close in on a victory but the resilient champion would rally. Just as it looked like Shields was closing in on a victory, Martinez would deliver a low blow ending the match in a DQ. Afterwards, the PCA would beat down Shields repeatedly.

Super 8 Semi Finals

Deonna Purrazzo defeats Brittany Blake via submission- The feisty Blake came out on all cylinders attacking Purrazzo. Flying around the ring with a beautiful mixture of aerial and ground attacks it looked like curtains for the Italian beauty. But Purrazzo’s MO lately seems to be weather the storm and brutality attack her opponent. Weakening Blake slowly but steadily the strategy worked once again as Purrazzo forced Blake to submit.

Tessa Blanchard defeats Kennadi Brink via submission- This one promised to be a slugfest and it was from start to finish. Tessa trying to steadily weaken the much stronger Brink. And Brink trying to deliver deciding brutal blows. Back and forth they went trading impressive moves. But as such is the case in most Super 8 matches one miscue by Brink and Blanchard immediately went for the kill forcing her to tap out with a Crucifix armbar. And almost as if sending a message to her fellow Super 8 finalist, she held it on for a few seconds afterward.

Additional Action

Sean Carr defeats Matt Saigon to become the NEW ECWA Heavyweight Champion- In what could very well be the craziest Heavyweight title match in ECWA history, this was one to remember. Carr, the cocky loudmouth, proved yet again he’s an amazing wrestler with a great display of ground and pound on the now former champion. Saigon’s power was neutralized for most of the contest but tried to steal one at the end… unfortunately an unconscious ref, Carr using the belt to hit Saigon, a new ref, and then a controversial ending as Carr pinned Saigon to win the championship despite seemingly having his foot on the bottom rope as the referee counted 3 made for one crazy ending as Carr wins the championship.

Super 8 Finals

Deonna Purrazzo defeats Tessa Blanchard via submission to become the NEW ECWA Woman’s Champion and the 2015 Super 8 ChickFight Champion- In what many call a women’s match for the ages with two wills to win… only one could walk away champion. Purrazzo and Blanchard put on a dazzling display of wrestling in, above, and out of the ring much to the crowd’s delight. Blanchard’s anger made her never give up, asking to be hit and then delivering devastating blows herself. Purrazzo showing her chain/mat wrestling skills are unmatched always there to answer the defending champions rally. In the end, Blanchard threw everything she had at Purrazzo with submissions and her trademark slingshot suplex. But Purrazzo’s amazing toughness was far too much… Purrazzo pounced locking in her Fujiwara armbar submission. Battling for minutes, Blanchard eventually had to tap out.