Family Friendly/Safety

All ECWA events are FAMILY FRIENDLY events that are suitable for fans of all ages.

What exactly does FAMILY FRIENDLY mean?

1. There is no foul language or obscene gestures. This includes the performers and the fans as well as theme song lyrics!

2. There is no intentional blood-letting in matches!

3. There is no “over-the top” or extreme graphic violence in matches!

4. There is no portrayed man on woman violence (to include striking, punching, kicking)!

5. All performers are sober and there is no alcohol, smoking or recreational drugs allowed at the venue.

6. In most cases, all performers are available for photos and autographs!

For the SAFETY of the fans, PLEASE…

1. DO NOT imitate the actions of the wrestlers as they are highly trained professional athletes!

2. PLEASE do not touch the wrestlers while they are performing!

3. PLEASE stay seated during the matches and stay off of the guardrails!

4. PLEASE remember all events are family shows with children, and be mindful of your language, gestures and actions!

5. There is no smoking, alcohol or recreational drugs allowed at the venue!

*Anyone not acting in accordance of these rules and/or creating a disturbance to others will be asked to leave the venue!

All ECWA events are Family Friendly and suitable for fans of all ages! Here, a few young fans congratulate Tommaso Ciampa on winning the 2011 ECWA Super 8 Tournament!

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